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I love unexpected history, in unexpected places. In this vein, an interesting specialty museum is about to open in the heart of Boston: The Paul S.

Harris, by the way, could have his own special exhibit; he is an inventor and an innovator in hip-replacement surgery. The Russell joins a fascinating universe of medical museums. London alone has more than 20 medical museums, large and small.

Imagine my disappointment. The Warren Museum is named for Dr.

Joseph Warren. The Warren has plenty of cool stuff: the Lowell hip, the subject of a famous 19th-century malpractice case, and plaster skull casts of Felix Mendelssohn and Samuel Coleridge, taken by noted phrenologist Johann Spurzheim. But Dr. Lowell massachusetts surgical orney wives Russell Manitoba girls plenty of cool stuff of its own: the original, germ-infested pillow where Dr.

It was said that Warren could amputate a leg in 40 seconds. Check it out when it opens in April.

Alex Beam is a Globe columnist. His e-dress is beam globe.