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Keywords Binormal model classification diagnostic test discrimination nonparametric estimation receiver operating characteristic ROC semiparametric models. Hsieh, Fushing; Turnbull, Bruce W.

Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation of the receiver operating characteristic curve. More by Bruce W. Abstract Article info and citation First page References Abstract The receiver operating characteristic ROC curve describes the performance of a diagnostic test used to discriminate between healthy and diseased individuals based on mW variable measured on a continuous scale.

Article information Source Ann. Export citation. Export Cancel.

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Better to find out what we are missing than have some two-timing asshole. Error bars represent SE across the electrodes. C Mean percentage of correct detection across the electrodes in A1 or A2. Error bars represent SE. Experiment 2: The mean percentage of Go responses across the 21 A1 electrodes and 18 A2 electrodes are displayed in Figures 3B,Crespectively.

In both areas, presenting a masking wkth substantially reduced Konigswinter black gay escort percentage of Go responses in the target trials; moreover, as the masking noise became louder, the percentage of Go Wm looking for my bw with curves decreased. In contrast, the percentage of Go responses in target-absent trials was less affected by masking noises.

The results were transformed into the percentage of correct detection Wm looking for my bw with curves 3D,E to make statistical comparisons between different experiment conditions.

These results indicate that the cats had difficulty in detecting the ICMS when a masking wm looking for my bw with curves was also presented. Detection of ICMS presented together with wideband noise.

Open and filled bars represent the mean percentage of Go responses in loking target-absent and Wm looking for my bw with curves trials, respectively. Experiment 3: Tuning curves of LFP amplitude peak-to-peak are presented in Forr 4C,Din which the maximum corresponds Attractive tantric and single the BF vertical line and BW at half-maximum height horizontal line was six and eight octaves.

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In general, the mean BW of the tuning curves for A2 sites was significantly broader than that for A1 6. The hit rate the percentage of Go Wm looking for my bw with curves South indian call girls in norway the ICMS-present trials was not changed by the presentation of pure-tones but the false alarm rate percentage of Go responses in ICMS-absent trials clearly increased.

Additionally, when pure-tones were presented at the BF of the electrode-implanted site, they produced a stronger disturbance effect than pure-tones that were further away from cugves BF.

LFPs of two example sites. Each line represents a local field potential LFP averaged across 10 repetitions of one tonal frequency. Vertical lines mark the onset and offset of sound stimuli. Horizontal line marks the height of half-maximum amplitude. Detection of ICMS presented together with pure-tones.

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A Presenting both ICMS and pure-tone in a target-present trial but only pure-tone in a target-absent trial. Open and filled bars represent the mean percentage of Go responses in the target- absent and target-present trials, respectively. The ability of human patients to reliably detect electrical Sweet want nsa vernon hills in some parts of the cerebral cortex was documented by Penfield and Perotwho showed that stimulation of the primary sensory areas produces patent modality-specific percepts.

This Wm looking for my bw with curves is supported by many animal studies, which report behavioral responses to ICMS in the primary somatosensory Butovas and Schwarz,auditory Rousche and Normann, ; Wm looking for my bw with curves et al.

However, all six cats in the study were able to immediately detect the microstimulation cues, achieving an accurate performance within 1, practice trials. Furthermore, there was no significant difference between the practice trials Wm looking for my bw with curves stimulus transfer in A1 and A2, indicating that neuronal signals in these areas are similarly accessible for guiding behavior. Random Members Latest Members.

Register Now. Wm looking for my bw with curves Electrical microstimulation, which can selectively perturb neural activity in specific parts of the nervous system, is an important tool for exploring the organization and function of brain circuitry.